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Barrier Rope. Tong G, a specialist in bespoke retail design and installation reached out to Brandline Products when they needed some way to enclose an amazing tree display they were installing inside a retail store.

White Barrier Rope

The Tree Display utilised over 75 Metres of Brandline white barrier rope

The display which measures 3 metres in height and 2.7 metres in circumference was installed by the Tong G installation team in one night!.

White Barrier Rope

The White Brandline Barrier Rope was used to enclose the display.

I think you’d agree it looks fantastic and the stores customers just can’t leaf it alone!

Our Barrier Rope 

The barrier rope that we supplied was a fire retardant, mixed twine, which has been a big seller for Brandline Products in recent times.  Being a manufacturer means that we can fabricate the rope to any length you require.  We hold coils of 25mm rope in stock at 100 metres lengths.

There are many colours held in stock as well as all types of rope ends that we can apply.

White Barrier Rope

The Barrier rope was wrapped around the posts which enclosed the display.

Customer Feedback

Said Richard from Tony “As always, when I reached out to Brandline Products they were able to provide the Product we needed, going the extra mile to fulfil our needs. ”

For more information regarding our rope range, call the office on 0870 760 5552.  For other products visit our website.

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