The Baylis Planter – Bespoke designs

The Baylis Bespoke Planters

Although we do offer a standard range of planters, all of our designs are open to modifications. 

On this occasion, the client, The Flight Club in Victoria, had a very specific design in mind for their fantastic concept. The planters can be seen at the bottom of the image below.

If you look carefully at the lower part of the image, you’ll see the planters, based upon the Brandline Baylis, are all printed with a harlequin design.  

As the Baylis is made from real hardwood timber planks, it is very difficult to lay them completely flat and therefore to digitally print them.  Most printers are similar to ours. They use a flat bed version.  This is where you would lay the timber on the flat bed and the printer head passes over the timber spraying the design in place.  However, if the timber is not almost completely flat, not only will the design looked smudged, it could result in damage to the printer head which will cost 1000’s.

We therefore agreed that the best way to proceed was to use the good old fashioned, stencil technique.

This consisted of initially painting the timber in the required background colour of white daisy.

Once dry, the first stencil was applied. The stencils each consisted of 35 diamond shapes which were adhered to each of the twenty side boards.  In the image below you can actually see the variation in board height.

Again, once dried, it was time for the third colour could be applied. Carefully aligning the stencils with the initial diamonds, another 35 diamonds in a lighter colour were painted. A lacquer was then finally applied to seal everything in.

Only when these had dried fully could the assembly take place.  Ropes, casters and a durable lining was then also applied.

Final Planter

So, after a whopping 96 man hours, 1400 diamonds, 40 casters and much love and attention, the planters were delivered to the venue.

Now after 12 months in active service, the planters look as good as the day they left!

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