Wooden Cafe Panels

Here at Brandline Products, the environment is very important to us. Where possible we use only recycled timber when manufacturing planters and wooden cafe barriers for barrier systems.

Using recycled materials does have it’s down sides too.

Scaffold Board

Recycled Scaffolding boards

Much of the used material we obtain is exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s literally lifted off the scaffolding tower and sent to an external depot.  When we get it it’s sometimes wet, covered in paint, and usually full of nails and staples. That’s not to mention the usual birds mess we will find. However, we do feel the end result is worth it.  After much time sanding, washing, and cleaning, the timber is finally ready. The preparation usually take longer than the manufacture.

The Panels

The Frames are manufactured from thick 40mm Angle Iron. Once welded and fabrication the frame is then powder coated. 

The timber is ripped to the size required, finished to the required specification and then affixed inside the frame which provides a solid hard wearing panel.

Dimensional Data


Printing and Branding.

Printing on wood does have some limitations.  There are several methods that can be utilised.  The best process we feel for the wooden panels is stenciling.  

Stenciling provides a crisp, deep colour and also can be protected from the elements easily by simply adding a lacquer to the finish.

The final product looks great and built too last!

Wooden Cafe Barriers

The final barriers systems looks great



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