Brandline Systems at Bicester Village

When Brandline Products were approached by Tong G, a specialist in supply, design and installation, to manufacture a bespoke Cafe Barrier system for Bicester Village and the Valet parking facility at Bicester village, we were happy to oblige.

Using marine grade stainless steel cafe barriers. the post height had to be extended by approximately 300mm and the catches for the bottom rings had to be relocated. The client had designed the system to ensure that regardless of the type of vehicle approaching, the driver could still see the barrier system.

The stainless steel floor sockets were powder coated for even more protection prior to installation.


The Finished System

Once the final system was installed, everyone was more than happy with the outcome. The marine grade components will last for years to come.

The full component listing consisted of: Extended Advance Cafe Barriers in Marine grade stainless steel, heavy duty stainless steel beam ends with a secure trigger mechanism and 1800mm heavy duty awning fabric banners with UV stable vinyl. All manufactured at the Brandline Factory in Alvis Way.


The Floor Sockets

The standard Brandline floor socket usually consists of a piano hinged lid to allow the client to simply close the floor sock when it is not in use.

However, for Bicester this was change to a separate cover as we were concerned with vehicles repeatedly driving over the hinge and eventually damaging it. Again, another bespoke system was designed and manufactured.


The Banners

Using only specilised canvas which will provide extended life and is usually used only for commercial awnings, or yatch sails, Brandline has developed a printing process in which UV stable vinyl can be utilised to ensure a crisp clear print which again will last for years.

The fabric used is colourfast and guaranteed not to fade even when it is left in direct sun light.

For more information regarding the components selected by the G1 Group, feel free to browse through our website.

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