Cafe Barriers – A Marketing Tool.

Banner Changes

Change your Cafe banners to communicate with passing footfall

Cafe Barriers have been around for many years.  They are a wonderful advertising tool that is probably one of the most under-used.

From the thousands of clients we have supplied to in the past years, only a tiny percentage actually renew their cafe banners regularly with marketing messages.

Whilst planters and iron balustrades are very difficult to brand, in Café Barriers there exists a perfect opportunity to enlighten both existing and potential clients to your products. Each Café or restaurant should have a café banner with an element of personal branding. For the price difference between printed or not, it is a no brainer. Café Barriers present one of a few opportunities to brand for foot fall from on-coming traffic.

Be it installing a new Sky TV system or offering a “two for one deal”, A Cafe barrier system communicates directly with the footfall around the venue.  There are very limited marketing opportunities in that area.

The likelihood is that if you have a cafe banner system, you have taken all the area that the local authority is willing to provide.  Chalk boards and A Frames will fall outside your allowed planning area so when you consider that a large proportion of clientele are from “impulse visits”, it makes sense to show them what you have on offer.  This is especially the case if you are situated on a high street or in a high tourist zone.


Branded Cafe Barriers

Branding the cafe barriers can be a good option if your cafe signs are obstructed


Marketing Messages

It can be difficult to communicate with passing pedestrian traffic. The Cafe barriers can be utilised to do this.


An eye catching logo of what’s on offer can be integrated into a cafe banner system.


Great looking graphics can be enticing.  This example can be used to promote dishes on offer.  Breakfast starting to die down? Then change the banner for Cream Teas!


The hardware for the cafe banner system is the largest investment.  However, a banner without hardware and printed is relatively low. (Printed cafe banners start from less than £40.00!)

Change Over

To change a banner takes less than a minute. Simply unhook the bottom beam, unhook the top beam, slide the banner off the rails and insert the rails on to the new banner.  Clip into place and you are ready to go!

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